Kenny Jezek has been tapping most of his adult life, is a master level tapper and has tapped with and trained under some of the very best in the business including Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr., Hinton Battle, Fayard Nicholas, Howard Nicholas, Benny Smith, Glen Shipley, Paul DeRolf and Tony Capola. He has performed in the Los Angeles Companies of “42nd. Street” (1984) and “Cats” (1985). He has taught master level tap and jazz classes throughout the U.S. and Europe (Germany and France). Kenny is well versed in many different styles of tap from Broadway to the streets of New Orleans. He focuses on training students in the fundamentals and then teaching his students how to put their own “signatures” on their tap making it uniquely their own. His way of teaching lends itself to moving students into the vastly popular area of improvisational, or street tap where people can really express themselves while still maintaining a healthy emphasis on entertaining audiences with tap. Being extremely well versed in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and period dancing he can add movement and entertaining dancing to just about any production, be it theatre, television or film. Kenny also holds black belts in several different martial arts styles, which allows him to choreograph exciting stage fights too.