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We are always so proud to hear of the success our students have as dancers, teachers or chosen profession. If you have any updates or news, please send it our way! We would love to hear from you!!

Kolton Krouse – Cats on Broadway

Cory Barnette –  Le Grandes Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

James Gowan – Lines Contemporary Ballet

Myles Lavallee – Les Grandes Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

Natacha Bachour – Showstoppers in Vegas

Brandt Martinez – Fiddler On The Roof on Broadway, Aladdin on Broadway

Soina Weast – Cirque de Soliel,  Rockette Ensemble

Brittany Blumer – River North

Casey Gonzalez – Royal Flux Company, Disney Aladdin

Geoff Gonzalez – Dancer and residing choreographer at San Diego Ballet

Bridget Whitman – Top 10 SYTYCD finalist, Bad Boys tour of China

Natasha Walter – Suns, Dancer, Disneyland Cruise ships

Brittni Gonzalez – Cardinals cheerleader, Suns Dancer

Sara Christmas  – Denver Bronco’s Cheerleader

Kimmy Haug – Cardinals Cheerleader

Terny Shea –  Sidewinders Dancer

Ashley Simpson – Sidewinders Dancer

Aubrey Ares – La Ram / Laker Girls Cheerleader

Alexa Tuzil – Zurich Ballet , Bayerisches Staatsballett

Greg Liles – Odyssey Dance theatre

Saleemah Knight – Dance Faculty at USC, Lion King on Broadway

Jennifer Sedler – Miss America 2nd-runner up 2011

Kepani Kay – Suns Dancer

Amanda Wade – Suns Dancer

Carly Booth –  US National Professional International Latin Rising Star Finalist, Pro Ballroom Dancer

Vicki McWilliams  – Texture Ballet, FireWall dance theater

Kelly Dwight Sullivan – Young & The Restless, General Hospital, Too Close  To Home, Broadway

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